Open Hours Near Me Trike Alternatives presents two options to allow you to keep riding the way you want. At slow speeds either system will provide the stability to ride the big bikes with confidence. Our products are an affordable alternative to buying a trike and help you maintain the experience of true motorcycle handling as it was meant to be.

GHOST WHEELS Ghost Wheels Trike Alternative

With the flip of a switch unlock the stabilizing wheels to provide a two wheel ride. With another flip of a switch immediately lock the wheels to provide the stability of a trike. The wheels are always on the ground ready to lock or unlock in an instant. Elk River Auto Repairs Read More & See the Video

RETRACT-A-TRIKE Retract-a-trike Trike Alternative

At your fingertips is the ability to control the stabilizing wheels, raise them to provide a two-wheel ride. Lower them with the flip of a switch to provide the stability of a trike. Consider them landing gear for motorcycles - for 1500 and 1800 Goldwings only.
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